Awakening is not an Escape.

Via Eric Klein
on Nov 27, 2017
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What brings you to the spiritual path?

Don’t answer too quickly…feel into your motivations. Notice what has called you to the path of awakening.

For many—though perhaps not you—there is the desire to escape. We’re tired of struggle and weary of suffering, so we want to escape.

And, escape is possible—for a moment or two. We can reach a state of deep concentration or suspended animation for a few seconds. We can control conditions and keep the current of life at bay for a few minutes.

However, life is too generous to allow you to isolate yourself. Life—within you and all around you—is committed to your full awakening.

So, the path of awakening does not lead away from life.

Rather, it leads to a more and more intimate, undefended, gratitude-infused communion with life.

Here’s a short dharma-doodle teaching on how to meditate and commune with life:

Author’s note: This video is part of a longer teaching called: “From Fixation to Freedom.” It is one of over 100 teachings that are available to members of the Wisdom Heart Community. Members of this community receive meditations, videos, teachings, and more every month.



What Happens when we Let Go? A Dharma Doodle Teaching.

This is How we Can begin to See things with Wisdom.


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