How I Surrender. {Poem}

Via Jenny Cannon
on Dec 21, 2017
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I wonder if it’s true
that when we get old
and are at the end of our life,
if we really look back and say,
“It was all so easy,”
and we often make things hard on ourselves—
like deciding with logic
rather than intuition,
like pressure on our chest
or thinking too much.
Being never really there,
not present in the moment.
We live in a cognitive reality,
our bodies wound and contracted.
Always I have found the only way
for my evolution is when I can unwind and untangle,
create space in my body by using breath with movement—
or its counterpart,
breath with stillness,
and turn off my mind completely.
It’s a shame this technique is not more widely used.
It’s been my guiding light for years,
a solid in my life,
and if you don’t believe in the divine, my love,
it’s like a fish not believing in water.
Ram Dass says that surrender
is like taking off a tight shoe
and sighing in relief
that your toes are finally free
to feel earth beneath them.



Author: Jenny Cannon
Image: Author’s own
Editor: Nicole Cameron
Copy Editor: Catherine Monkman
Social Editor: Waylon Lewis


About Jenny Cannon

Jenny Cannon is a yoga teacher turned paradigm shifter turned self empowerment coach. After working through her own limiting beliefs and learning the tools to create a bliss-filled life, she is now determined to share her story with others. You can find her globe trotting around the world on her Instagram, where she shares daily wisdom and guidance for those who believe life is an adventure.


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